Monday Meditation - Driving on Empty

My car stays on E. I've got my reserve tank mileage down to a science and so far, I've never run out of gas. This drives hubby crazy, but unfortunately, not crazy enough for him to make sure my car keeps plenty of gas in it. I hate to stop and pump gas and when I do, the boys pump it if they are with me.

One day recently while driving on empty, I made one trip more than I should have and boy was I praying! "Oh please, Lord. Please take me to the nearest gas station. Please, Jesus have mercy, pleeeease don't let me run out of gas." Of course my Heavenly Father spared me in my dumb decision as He always does, but of course He gave me more than mercy. Yep, a Life Lesson for LaVender.
After I pumped the gas, I was relieved. Whew! Thank you, Jesus! I continued on my way, but guess what? My need for Jesus wasn't as strong. Hmmm...what would make me think I didn't need his grace and mercy as much on a full tank as I did on an almost empty tank? Had I forgotton about the time the car stopped running at a major intersection with gas? Had I forgotten about His daily mercy in keeping me from dangers seen and unseen on the road? Oh Lord, do I really gauge my need for you like I gauge my need for gas?

I applied this gas tank lesson to my life. I need Jesus every minute of the hour, not just when I'm running low on gas, on money, on joy, on food, on patience, on compassion, etc... I need Him every step I make and every breath I take.

When we get comfortable in our life, God will definitely throw an uncomfortable pillow at us to remind us that He is in control. As I close this meditation, an old hymn comes to mind titled I Need Thee Every Hour... I need Thee, O, I need Thee; Ev'ry hour I need thee! O bless me now, my Savior, I come to Thee!

Psalm 145:18 (NKJV)
The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.

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