SAHMs Need To Go To Work

The economy is failing, your husband is doing the best he can, bills are overdue, and you're at home. it time to get a J.O.B.? I personally think a J.O.B. stands for just over broke, so I definitely don't want another job outside of what I'm already doing.

What about the home business you have? Avon, Amway, Primerica Ins., are just a few businesses I've been involved with and the one I still remain a distributor for is the life-saving, amazing Reliv business (just a small plug).

How about you? Medical Billing, Secret Shopper, Tupperware, Home Daycare... are they bringing in enough money to keep you from drowning in bills and debt? What about blogging? Are you trying to make money from blogging? There are more than a few women making money with their blogs, so why not? All of these opportunities may be helpful, but is it enough? Would you be willing to go back to work?
What about the mothers who homeschool? Hmmm...would I be willing to place my child in school and go to work to be that helpmate for my husband? I actually told my husband that he would have to get three jobs before I leave the house to go to work. I'm already helping him pay bills with my income, so I will encourage and support him from right here in front of this computer with my writing skills. Sound selfish? Oh well, like I said, I'm already helping him, but if we were facing foreclosure I might think about it. I know...I'm a little crazy, but I've got a little old school in me also - The man is the provider - supposed to be.

What about the moms already working? Would you be willing to get a second job to help your household? Single moms - oh my goodness, only God knows what you might be going through being the sole provider for your home.

I've met many mothers faced with this dilemma. What are your thoughts on this? Are you willing to go back to work or get a part-time job?

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