Teens and Texting - Somebody Help Me!

Sigh...where do I begin?

I guess I need to share a little about myself - I am a strict mama. My military experience has carried over into my child rearing, but I do try to remember compassion, however, I need a little help with this one.

I can't seem to grasp the texting concept with teenagers.

Firstborn, 13, wanted nothing more than a cell phone for his 13th birthday. As much as I was against this, hubby and I agreed to bend a little and give him a cellphone. He was given a Tracfone and I even began to convince a few other mothers contemplating cell phones for their teens - Sorry!

Well, the Tracfone newness became stale and he wanted to upgrade. Hubby and I were offered a free phone on our plan, so we bent a little more and awarded him the upgraded phone.

Sigh..."Mama, can I have texting?" Why purposely make my child an outcast? How bad could it be?

Hubby and I agreed to bend some more and Firstborn was awarded 200 text messages a month.

Sigh..."Mama, how much is unlimited texting?" Sigh....

Little did I know this last question was telling me he had gone over his minutes - $300 in overcharges!

Hmmm...Texting and all features have been blocked from Firstborn's cellphone. The cellphone was SUPPOSED to teach him some responsibility, but I think it taught me I was a fool for not remembering a part of Firstborn's brain has not fully developed yet, so why would he remain within his 200 text message limit? Duh...

Sigh...it's been almost a month and Firstborn has been doing fine without his texting, but gently reminds us that he wants it back.

Hubby mentioned getting unlimited texting since Firstborn made A/B honor roll in his first year of public shcool, but I feel like I'm rewarding Firstborn for the overcharges, which the telephone company graciously removed. Thank you AT&T!!!!

I realize this is the way of the teen world and technology, but do I have to be a part of it?

Has Firstborn paid the price long enough? Am I just being mean? Should I stick with the 200 text message limit or go with the unlimited texting and save myself some future grief.

I need the help of you stable minded moms because this strict mama isn't feeling the warm tingles from texting.

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