Airing My Dirty Laundry

I'm so thankful our washer and dryer is outside in the garage. We also keep our dirty clothes baskets in the garage. I live with three males, and the stench of dirty socks, underwear, and musty clothes is not something I want to smell everyday.

Firstborn and Secondborn wash their own clothes. This is a wonderful thing, but I'm reminded daily that they wash ONLY when they have to.

This morning, Secondborn says, "I need to wash clothes." Excuse me? Son, you needed to wash two weeks ago!

The large overflowing basket below is Secondborn's, the small one next to it is Firstborn's. I can't imagine having this in my house. It's right where it belongs - outside...airing!

Is the red towel supposed to hide the large mound and make it look neat or something? LOL!

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