Mama's Hearse...What the....?

I have never believed in coincidence, but this is definitely one time I want to say, "It's just a coincidence."

For several mornings while taking Firstborn to school, I see the above white hearse. Hmmm...
Firstborn and I would just look at each other after it happened more than a few times because it seemed too coincidental. Spooky to me.

It didn't matter if we left five minutes earlier or ten minutes later, the white hearse showed up. What the...?

Since the boys were little, I've always talked to them about death - especially my death. Mama won't always be around. One day, they will have to say goodbye to me. Because of what we believe, I let them know that this day of death will be something Mama has lived for and it should be a happy day. I realize you can't prepare anyone for the death of a loved one, but at least they are aware it will happen.

I was relieved when I didn't see the hearse for a few days, but yesterday while at a stop light, the white hearse drove by me. What the....? Yes, I grabbed the camera and took a picture.

In my mind, I pictured the driver driving by, smiling, and waving at me. I know...I'm crazy, but doesn't this seem just a little odd? Is it okay for me to think this is a coincidence, or should I take heed and listen for my number to be called? You know, if we keep on living, our number will be called. There is a hearse out there with our name on it and just as sure as we are living today - we will die one day - this is the reality of life. Are you ready?

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