Marriage and Money - Joint Account, Separate Account, or Secret Stash

In our early years of marriage, hubby and I had a joint account. It worked out fine because we were newly married, basking in oneness, and covered in a blanket of blissful matrimony. We both were working and pulled our incomes together to pay the bills. We were a team!

Well, things changed when I retired from the Navy. Hubby has always kept the books in our home, but when I stopped working outside the house, I didn't feel comfortable having to give account for every penny I spent. I have never been a shopper, so he didn't have to worry about that, but if I wanted to do something just for me (rarely), I didn't see why I had to report to the Chief Financial Officer.

Why did I have to ask if we had money to get my hair done? When I had hair

Why did I have to ask for money to go to lunch with a friend? I worked for 20 years, why can't I spend $20 of my money?

I know I's OUR money. Actually, it's God's money!

Why did I have to turn in receipts at the end of the day? I keep the books accurate.

Although I had access to the money just as he did, something in me just didn't like asking and reporting for 5, 10, or even 30 dollars. Good grief, I'm a grown woman! Why didn't hubby have to ask or report? I know...I've got waaay too much independence to be married.

Money may be an issue in every marriage to some degree, and our marriage sure wasn't an exception. Needless to say, this wife had to get her own account. It gave me a sense of freedom and completeness, which is hard to explain.

This may be petty to some, but I'm well aware that money is a major issue in many marriages. This is one reason so many wives seek home based businesses and part-time jobs - to have their own money. Other women are sneaking shopping bags in the back door or keeping goods in the trunk of the car. Others have a secret stash hidden away.

Well, this marriage no longer has an issue with money. I no longer report to the Chief Financial Officer and if we come up short at the end of the month, guess who comes through? Yep, I've got my stash and there is nothing secret about it.

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