Mothers and Chippendales - Can We Look?

What do Mothers have in common with the Chippendales? Well, we're both human and that's what this post is about.

The Black Chippendales are coming to my city and I actually had a thought of going to see them - relax, it was just a thought. I don't care if the Chippendales are white, black, yellow, or green, Chippendale Men are....well, Chippendale Men.

One of the local radio stations are giving away free tickets. Dare I try to win a ticket? Would someone see me? Can I disguise myself? Why am I even thinking about going to see these men who do nothing but seduce, tease, and excite women? Well, because I'm human. Some call this "entertainment" while others call it sin.

Hmmm... can a woman striving to be a Christ-controlled loving wife and influential mother have thoughts of seeing the Chippendales? Of course! I was a woman before I became a wife and mother. I'm STILL a woman and I'm very much human. The day I don't admire a handsome hunk of a man is the day I'll be worried. As a matter of fact, the day hubby isn't attracted to a beautiful woman is another day to be worried. We're human! Uh oh...I just realized someone else in the house is human...Firstborn will be 14 this month and he isn't striving to be Christ controlled, but he is definitely hormone controlled. Yikes!!

I took my just a thought of seeing the Chippendales a step further by calling a friend and asking her if she wanted to go. She laughed and I pray her laugh was because she knows my character. No, I'm not going to see the Chippendales and to be completely honest, I don't really have a desire to was just a thought in the mind of Miss Flesh. I had to hold that thought captive! Maybe I'll tell hubby to "entertain" me tonight; he puts on a darn good show and I can do more than look!

So, dear, sweet, loving, faithful, wives and mothers, how about you? If you could be invisible and attend a Chippendale's Show with a guarantee that nobody would see you, would you go?

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