Nothing to be Thankful For?

Although it's the season of Thanksgiving, many are finding it hard to be thankful due to the many challenges of life, financial stresses, and relationship struggles. Yes, sometimes it can be difficult to find the good in our circumstances, but today I choose to be thankful!

- Hubby and I know quite a few people who have lost their jobs recently. Although hubby has been sent home many times because of lack of work, he still has a job. For this, I am thankful.

- I only have a few dollars in my checking account, but I'm thankful for that!

- We have bills past due, but I'm thankful we are able to keep our lights and water on.

- The trash didn't get taken out last night, but this morning that same trash reminded me we had to have something in order to make trash. I'm thankful!

- I awoke to dirty dishes in the sink, but we had food to eat and dishes to eat on. For this, I'm thankful.

- My to-do list is pretty packed, but I have my life, strength, and energy to do what needs to be done. For this, I'm thankful!

- Every room in my home needs cleaning, but I'm thankful to have a home for shelter.

- Being a wife and mother can be exhausting, but I thank God for realizing nothing can take the place of a loving family! For this, I'm thankful!

There are so many things I could complain about, but recognizing the good in my life allows peace and contentment to surface.

Someone would love to be in my shoes right now - someone would love to HAVE my shoes!

Regardless of our current circumstances, let's be thankful for our life, our family, and for the ability to simply BE.

Have a joyful Thanksgiving!

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