The BIGGEST Laugh of 2009

Yesterday evening, the family came home from an evening of errands, meetings, and basketball practice. We had dinner before we left and the kitchen was left a mess - a big mess. My sweet, compassionate secondborn son says to me, "Mama, do you want me to wash dishes for you?"

Loooong Pause....


"Dear Son, I'm sorry, but you are sadly mistaken if you think those are MY dishes! LOLOLOL Firstborn, isn't that funny? He thinks he would be washing those dishes for me!

Hubby! Hubby! Did you hear that? Does everyone in the house think this way? We ALL used those dishes. We ALL messed the kitchen up. We ALL are responsible for cleaning the kitchen up. Those are not MY dishes and washing them is NOT my job. You guys are funny!" LOLOLOL

Wait a minute. I'm always trying to make sure I raise Firstborn and Secondborn to be good husbands, so where did I go wrong with the dirty dishes? Maybe I ASK them to wash the dishes, so they automatically think they are doing me a favor. Hmmmm...Okay, I'm going to leave this one alone because it's not worth my energy and I have no mental space to take this into the new year, but you have to admit the thought process of a man is quite funny....Wash the dishes for me. Hmph!

You know what? Those dishes said good morning to me. Yes, they are still there. LOLOLOL - ROFL - LOLOLOL

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