Do You Believe?

My six year old niece battles with asthma and the Christmas holidays were no exception for her. She’s a huge Michael Jackson fan and nearly danced herself out of breath. The day after Christmas, I found her in bed completely exhausted. I knelt down to pray for her and then encouraged her to pray for herself.

As a mother, it’s important for me to ‘be there’ for my children. I want to be their comforter and meet their needs, but there comes a time when Mama must step out of the picture.

When I die, I want Firstborn and Secondborn to know where their comfort and help will come from – without doubt. When their heart is broken, I want them to know who can mend it. I want them to know they have a Heavenly Father who will meet all their needs.

Children, mine included, have so many questions about God and His existence. I answer what I know and lead them to seek God for themselves. I have questions of my own, but one thing I do know (without doubt) is God is real within me. I heard an awesome song yesterday at my mother’s church titled, I Believe. It reminded me that although I may not have all the answers to questions about the Bible and I may be confused with traditional worship practices and baffled over the many religions and translations of the Bible, I know God is real in my soul, and I choose to believe.

There is nothing in this crazy, mixed up world that can give me the joy I experience. The peace I have in the midst of my troubles can only come from a supernatural power. This burning passion I feel deep in my spirit has got to be something more than a hot flash. The comfort I experience when I pray is obviously something bigger than me. The amazing way things work out in my favor completely rules out coincidence. Hearing that song was a wonderful way to continue in the spirit of Christmas which is not just a season, but a life changing experience when you receive The Gift of God.

Teaching our children to develop their own personal relationship with The Father is crucial because one day, we must push them out of the nest to fly on their own.

What about you? Do you believe?

John 3:16 (NKJV)

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

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