I Can't Feed My Child

Secondborn and I went to the grocery store this morning and he turned into the "I want" child. My goodness! "Mama, I want corndogs." Mama, can I get chocolate chips to make cookies?" "Mama I want green apples, I want to start eating healthy." "Mama, can I make lasagna?"

Well, as I type, he is in the kitchen making lasagna for the first time (he's happy) and of course I bought the green apples, but the other things I did not.

I continue to explain to that boy the difference in wants, needs, and desires. WANTS - NEEDS - DESIRES. Hubby and I continually talk to both boys about being a good steward over God's belongings - including His money! Both boys even took a financial class at church for the youth that expressed money management. I know it's an age factor, but good grief...sometimes I feel like I can't feed my child, but then I have to remember myself - WANTS - NEEDS - DESIRES. It can be hard for a mother to turn our children down, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

As we were standing in the checkout line, there was a woman with a basket overflowing with food. (pictured above) Good grief! It must have added up to almost $300. She either has a family of six or is going shopping for the entire month.
My basket, which was 1/4 full came to $70, which was $20 over what I wanted to spend. Yes, I try to be frugal

If we all lived within our means and not above our means, the economy wouldn't be in the shape that it is and most of us wouldn't have to live from paycheck to paycheck while we rob Peter to pay Paul. Some of us rob Peter, James, and John! As for this house...you'll get fed, but all the unnecessary items are just that - unnecessary.

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