Monday Meditation - Message in a Jacket

A young mother sat behind me in church and I felt her irritable energy. I asked her if she had a rough morning and she answered with a tired and very familiar yes. I was dealing with the horror of hormones, which is probably why I recognized her unspoken irritability.

I looked to my right and saw another woman trying to discreetly wipe tears from her eyes.

Earlier, another shared with me that her father had been ill. I was also aware of another mother at home with sick children.

I thought of all the life luggage mothers carry and prayed that each of us would receive a special message of relief during the worship service.

My pastor walked into the sanctuary and his red jacket immediately spoke volumes to me. The Prince of Peace reminded me, through the red jacket, of the blood that was shed for me – for mothers – for wives – for everyone! The red jacket symbolized the blood which offers peace, comfort, joy, and RELIEF from the heaviness of my life luggage. The blood allows me the freedom to cast my cares! It doesn’t matter what the situation is – it doesn’t matter what the sin is – it doesn’t matter what the economy says… the comfort, the relief, the answer... is in the blood. The red jacket was a symbol of being covered in the blood of Jesus - covered with the power and protection of Christ Jesus. A mother's life luggage doesn't have to be heavy if we remember the blood that was shed for us.

I was so excited about the message in the red jacket that I began snapping pictures. Yes, in church, but at least I didn’t use the flash!

It’s ironic that the messenger, my pastor, spoke a message to me without ever opening his mouth. The red jacket wasn't just an item of clothing, but an awesome message and reminder of hope and peace - for Christmas and everyday throughout the year.

Life luggage - we don't have to carry it alone.

Matthew 26:28 (NKJV) For this is My blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

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