Firstborn in Jail?

Sunday evening, I visited the local jail with my church prison ministry and it was an experience I will never forget. There was a young inmate with the same build and sweet smile as my fourteen year old son. I couldn’t stop looking at him and wondered why he was there. At one point, we made eye contact and exchanged a smile. He probably felt me staring at him, but when I looked at him, I only saw Firstborn. This young inmate shared his testimony, and I had to fight back tears. He shared how simple disobedience towards his mother led him to jail. He said he didn't listen to her and little things he refused to do escalated into wrong choices, which led to jail time. Hmmm…you know what was going on in my mind.

Well, last night, Hubby had a talk with Firstborn unaware of the jail experience I had with this young inmate. Hubby has noticed Firstborn’s choice of clothing and music has gone slightly to the left. He has also noticed Firstborn’s disposition and posture in church has displayed a blasé attitude. Hubby made a decision to correct this slightly left turn and get Firstborn back on course.

I felt sorry for Firstborn as I watched tears come out of his eyes while receiving his new marching orders, but I kept silent. I began to pray that his tears would save me from future tears. I prayed this corrective turn would get Firstborn’s attention. I prayed Firstborn would realize his parents refuse to lose him to the world. I prayed Firstborn would be the leader he was born to be and not the follower he has become. I prayed Firstborn would recognize the spiritual battle in his young life that his Mama continually talks to him about. The slightly left turn may seem small, but if not corrected can lead to a wreck or even jail time.

Firstborn is no exception to ending up in jail and if you think your child is an exception, you are deceived. Just my two SENSE and no, I didn’t misspell.

I thank God that Hubby recognized these things. Mothers can become so busy and distracted that it’s very easy to miss subtle actions in our children requiring immediate attention and parental roadblocks.

Am I making a big deal out of nothing? Maybe in your mind I am, but as for me and my house – we will serve the Lord and keeping Firstborn and Secondborn out of trouble and out of jail is a big deal and keeping them on course to be a light in this world IS THE DEAL.

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