Monday Meditation - Presents in the Pulpit

When I walked into the church sanctuary yesterday, I noticed the pulpit was adorned with beautiful poinsettias and presents. I accepted the poinsettias, but the presents didn’t settle with me very well. I know it’s the Christmas season, but what’s up with the large sized presents in the pulpit?

Knowing my pastor, I knew the presents had a purpose, so I excused my critical, carnal thoughts.

When my pastor’s sermon began, it all came together. The topic was, The Reaction to the Gift and of course, we know what gift he spoke of. The comparison of material gifts and THE GIFT was made quite plain.

The sermon wasn’t the only powerful message I received, there was a Life Lesson for LaVender wrapped in those huge presents in the pulpit. The Lord made sure my focus wasn’t on the material presents that Miss Flesh wanted to rip open, but the present I plan to give my children for Christmas. What present will I wrap to share with them this year?

I really didn’t have to decide, the Holy Spirit picked the gifts of understanding and patience. Sigh. Allowing God to stretch me to a higher level in Motherhood will be the best gift I can ever give Firstborn and Secondborn.

Will it cost? Yes, it's expensive! It will cost a little of my Self and a lot of my pride. Ouch!

Will my gift be something my family desires? No doubt! I’m sure they love me just as I am, but who wouldn’t want a mother with just a little more patience and understanding? I know my teenager would.

Will I have to search for this gift? Yep, I must search within the depths of Miss Flesh to find those precious character traits that desire to surface to the next level. Miss Flesh doesn't want me to be Christ-controlled.

Do I have to wait until Christmas to give these gifts? Absolutely not, but they may be late. Just knowing I'm striving to obtain them is a gift in itself.

I thank God for the presents in the pulpit. My critical thoughts led to thoughts of the gift of Motherhood and my gift of a better Self to my family. What an awesome gift they're getting.

2 Corinthians 9:15 (NKJV) Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!

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