Are Single Mothers Forgotten?

Being married for almost 16 years with two sons, the struggles of single mothers are often forgotten here at Mom's Peace Bites.

Can a married woman fully relate to a single mom? Do we really understand what they deal with on a daily basis in the rearing of their children and making ends meet? Are we sometimes hesitant to follow a single mother's blog? Why?

I can't imagine having to run a household by myself along with repairs and yard work. I can't imagine having to discipline a teenager alone or be mom's taxi without a relief from time to time. If I had to do it, I'm sure I'd jump right in and adjust, but I don't and I'm thankful.
It's easy to get caught up with my little family complete with husband and children, but I have a friend who reminds me there are mothers with a family minus a male companion.

"Hey! don't forget about the single moms!" This is what the Mom in Apt 10b continually says to me. She is an advocate for single moms and makes sure they are not forgotten in the MotherHood. Single mothers deserve waaay more recognition and appreciation than they receive and the Mom in Apt 10b won't let us married moms forget it.

The directions for her new place follows.
Travel across Blogland, turn left on Internet Alley, go across a few browser bumps and stop at Apt10b. Leave her a note to let her now you dropped by!

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