Picking Firstborn's Friends

I admit, one GREAT thing about homeschooling was being able to have some control over the boys' company they kept. I admit again, I'm a control freak and would love to completely program my children in every aspect of their lives - there, I said it.

Firstborn had some sweet friends while homeschooled, and I was able to establish a relationship with his friends, but now since public school has become a part of our life, it's been just a little difficult for me to know the company he keeps and I don't like it one bit.

I know he's only a freshman, and it'll take some time, but who are these boys in the picture? "Hey! WHO ARE YOU? What's your mama's name? Where do you live? Where IS your mama? What kind of student are you? What type of grades do you make? Uh...can you tell me how Firstborn acts while he's out of my sight?"

Yep, these are questions I want to know and unfortunately, besides a name...that's all the information I know about the boys in the picture. Some of them are on the basketball team with Firstborn, so I'm slowly being able to maneuver myself into their little private lives as we attend games and practices.

I HAD to snap a few pictures to keep myself from going over and joining in the fun. I wanted to know what they were laughing about. Yep, that's the kind of mama I am and Firstborn probably would have died - no, he probably would have killed me instead. Firstborn is the one sitting down, in the black jacket with the purple shirt and black tie. He's facing the camera with his mouth wide open laughing hysterically.

One GOOD thing about this is I know Firstborn has been raised right and he's a sweet boy. Perfect boy? No, but he knows right from wrong. He'll make some unwise choices and he'll be pressured by his peers, but I've done my part.

For mothers of young children, pour good values, morals, and character into them NOW, so you can send them off into the world knowing WITH PEACE that you've done your part.

And you know what? Later that night, Firstborn gave me the scoop about what they were talking and laughing so hard about. Yippppeeeee! LOL

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