Clean Your Own House!

Since I publicly shared my interest to work with the 2010 Census Bureau, I've received more than a few stupid odd requests for jobs. These jobs aren't from companies or businesses looking to hire someone with my skills, gifts, and talents, but from other women who obviously think I sit at home and read the want ads while picking my teeth with a toothpick.

Believe it or not, I've received requests to clean their homes, care for their children, and a few other 'do it yourself' jobs I care not to mention.

First of all, the Census is a very temporary job and I requested to work in the evenings in order to continue homeschooling Secondborn. Oh, you forgot that I homeschool? Oh, I see. Well, I'm not looking for more full time, day work. I repeat...I am NOT looking for more full time work outside of my full time job as a wife and mother within the walls of my own home.

Two - you could never pay me what I'm worth as a ...what did you call me? Oh yeah, a stay at home mother.

Three - How dare you think I want to come clean your home? I hardly have time to clean my own home! How dare you mistake me for Molly Maid! Now I see what you really think of me.

Four - Now that I've calmed down (not really), I realize these women may have been looking out for my best interest. After all, I did post on the Internet that I was seeking employment. LOL!

I'm sorry for going off, but just in case my best interest was not considered, your ignorance is considered, and you are forgiven.

Now, go clean your own damn house!