My Babies' Bowels

Poop, #2, bowels, boo-boo, crap....not very pleasant words, but if we don't poop, crap, or have a soft, easy to pass BM, other things become unpleasant.

All mothers should have the movement of our children's bowels on our to-do list. Regardless of the child's age, constipation or IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is quite uncomfortable for a child.

I ask our two boys almost daily if they've had a bowel movement. They use to frown when I asked, but finally realized it's part of my role as their mother to know and it's important to their health. I even notice the time they spend in the bathroom. Taking a dump shouldn't take all day. If it doesn't come out nice and easy, more fiber is needed in the diet and Mama comes to the rescue!

Because my family loves sweets, I have to make sure we have a daily dose of fruits and vegetables. A plate without anything green on it is a no-no. Needless to say, we have many no-no days, but I religiously make sure they get an apple a day, which helps the passing of bowels in a tremendous way. I actually slice the apple and place it on a plate or in a bowl and hand it to them because telling them to eat an apple doesn't work.

Every one's bowels are different, so you have to find the right high-fiber foods that works best for your child.

Thank goodness the boys like broccoli, green beans, drink lots of water, and exercise. We also take a supplement, Reliv, that allows our body to do what it was naturally created to do.
Do a little google research to find out what fruits and vegetables will make your family do their business better. An added benefit to this is better attitudes! We're more pleasant when we aren't so full of sh--.

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