"Mama, You're a Wimp!"

Before going to bed last night, I told the boys to wash the dishes. There was a pot that I knew they wouldn't scrub with the necessary elbow grease, so I told them to leave it in the sink. Hubby later came back and told the boys to wash the dishes - all the dishes - even the pot I instructed them to not wash.

I didn't say a word and Secondborn with his very opinionated self looked at me and said, "Mama, you need to speak up for yourself. Papa can't boss you around, you're a parent too! You told us not to wash the pot, so Papa can't come back and say something else. If I were you, there would be non-stop arguing. I'm not letting anyone boss me around!"

He actually had me second guessing myself until I realized the hot air he was blowing was strictly for his benefit - he did not want to wash the pot.

I let him know Papa and I were one - we're a team. He continued to insist that I was being a wimp. I laughed and walked away from this eleven year old boy who will either be a darn good husband or not get married at all. Whew!

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