Monday Meditation - Did You Hear Me?

While sitting with my legs crossed and enjoying a cup of tea yesterday, I remembered I had chicken in the oven – on broil. Gasp! I ran to the kitchen and slowly opened the oven door with hopes dinner wasn’t ruined. Whew! Thank goodness the chicken was browned to perfection. Thank you, Lord!

Why at that very moment did my brain trigger to remember the chicken in the oven? Coincidence? I choose to believe my brain works on a much higher level than chance. Have you ever said, “Something told me to …..” Why won’t we trust ourselves? I can only speak for myself, and I don’t always trust these subtle promptings because I don’t recognize them as nudges from the Spirit of God.

A mother usually refers to these promptings as our sixth sense or a mother’s intuition. Whatever we choose to call it, I believe it is God’s special gift to us – a special ounce of guidance. When I get a feeling that something just isn’t right or have thoughts of my husband or sons, I begin to pray. Just as my brain triggered to check on dinner, the brain triggers to protect, prepare, and guide in every area of my life. These triggers can save us time, money, and energy – if we listen. Ignoring Him may cause an unpleasant reaction – burnt chicken. Responding to His voice even a minute later may be too late.

I think of the times I tell Firstborn to do something and he wants to take his sweet time doing it. I usually respond with a, “Did you hear me?” I expect him to act immediately to prevent adverse consequences. I wonder if God thinks this during my slow or lack of responsiveness…”Did you hear me?’ How about you? Is something telling you to take action?

Jeremiah 10:1 (NKJV)

Hear the word which the LORD speaks to you...

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