MW Monday Meditation - I've Been Called

I almost missed my calling for missionary work. To be sure I was called, I even looked up the true meaning and it comes from the Latin word missionem, meaning "act of sending". As a teenager, I always imagined going to some far away country, yet being a missionary is not about the location, but being obedient to the call.

I almost let my baking, writing, volunteer work, church ministry, and other personal endeavors blind me from being ‘sent’. Missionaries surrender their life as they know it – they are truly on a mission. This weekend I took a short respite as I prepared to do my mission work – on the homefront. Yes, my mission field is my home; this is my calling.

Many mothers don’t see motherhood as missionary work, but regardless of anything else I do in life, my family is my first ministry – everything else is second. I’ve been sent to pour my life into two boys. It’s a complete surrender. To know I’ve been ‘sent’ and entrusted by God to care for two of His children is humbling. It’s exhausting and time consuming, but who said missionary work was easy? I sometimes allow my talents and life itself to get in the way of my calling, but I’m reminded daily of being 'sent' as the boys grow older – they need me more and more.

As mothers, we have been sent to nurture one or more of God’s children. Welcome to the missionary field – the homefront! Have you answered the call?

Job 14:15 (NKJV)

"You shall call, and I will answer You..."

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