Poor Housekeeping Award

I finally received my much needed prescription glasses and I can see clearly now!

I can read without squinting and see highway signs a lot clearer. There is one thing I'm NOT happy about with my new eyeglasses and that is my ability to see the dirt and dust in my house. OMGoodness! So this is why my mother cleans when she visits! She saw things I didn't see! I can't believe the dust on my blinds, baseboards, and furniture! Is my prescription too strong or is this really what my house looks like? OMGoodness! Thank God my husband only wears glasses for reading! Uh oh...what about past visitors who have come that wear glasses? Did they see what I see? Did anyone secretly nominate me for the Poor Housekeeping Award? I'm almost embarrassed - almost.
Yesterday I dusted, vacuumed, dusted, wiped, and wiped some more. This morning, I saw more LARGE dust specs jumping off the furniture at me, and I've come to a conclusion... I'm taking these glasses OFF!
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