Bad Economy = Bad Marriage

No, I do not believe a bad economy equals a bad marriage, however, I believe it can cause more problems in an already troubled marriage.

Times may not be difficult in your marriage, but sooo many marriages are struggling as a result of the economy.  Many mothers already working outside the home are having to work overtime or even look for a second part-time job. Mothers working in the home are having to go back to work or find creative ways to bring in a little money to help out.

One mother shared with me that she felt guilty being at home all day while her husband busted his butt working to make ends meet.  I'm not about to tell anyone what to do, but if going back to work or seeking employment is not an option for you, do all you can to help the working spouse out. 
  • Send him off to work with a full stomach and as happy as you can.
  • Greet him when he returns home with a smile and a hot cooked meal.
  • Keep the homefront clean and allow him to relax and unwind when he comes home.
  • Try not to nag about not having enough money - it'll only make matters worse.
  • Cut corners and save money by using coupons and looking for sales.
  • Cook low cost, tasty meals.
  • Stop spending money you don't have
  • Perform plastic surgery on credit cards - cut them up!
  • Encourage your husband - especially if he's doing the best he can
If you both are working, recognize the financial storm and go through it together. Make extra efforts to work together on finances and don't pass blame! Everyone is feeling the economic crunch in some form or fashion, so remember you are not alone!

I'm sure you have some helpful tips of your own. Feel free to share!

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