"We Snap in Silence" Excerpt

"We Snap in Silence - Unveiling Private Pain and Finding Perfect Peace as a Woman, Wife, and Mother"

Load III -- A Mother

Don't stop reading because you haven't given birth. If you have ever poured any part of yourself into a child's life you have mothered. If you desire to be a mother, know a mother, or if you have a mother, this load is for you also. What will it take to understand the true value of a mother? What will it take before mothers are appreciated for their true worth? Until a mother learns to appreciate herself, understand her value in the home, and learns that taking care of herself first makes her a better person, no one else can be expected to understand or appreciate our God-given value. It takes a mother to understand a mother. We will soon learn to stop seeking appreciation, affirmation, and kudos from those who don't understand what we go through.

Our family sees what we do, yet at the same time and through those same eyes, they don't see what we do. They just don't get it! They don't think we get sick, tired, or sick and tired! Do you think they would keep expecting us to give if they really understood how we felt? I choose to believe my family is not that insensitive. I have accepted the fact they aren't able to fully comprehend my role and responsibilities. My goodness! I'm just beginning to understand my role and responsibilities, and I've been a mother for twelve-plus years.

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