Do Mothers Sacrifice?

I try to encourage new mothers to get their education, careers, and personal goals out of the way before they start a family because the wants and needs of the family will place hers on the back burner - for a while.

Yes, there are plenty of moms going to school and enjoying thriving careers, yet it places a strain on her and the family. Balance? I don't think so. Juggling? Definitely, and trying not to allow any of the balls fall to the ground.

Sacrifice, obligation, duty, labor of love, or a combination of them all?

Just as Jesus gave his life, a mother lays down her life to put the needs of her family first. And just as we take advantage of His love, we too are sometimes taken advantage of, yet we continue to love.

I tell myself that when both boys are out of the house and gone, then it's my turn. Even as a new author, the marketing of the book is not a priority - if it were, I wouldn't be sitting at home blogging, but I'd be on the road on a book tour. Hubby always says I'd be a multi-millionaire if I didn't have a family. Hmmm....

This Resurrection Day as we consider the amazing, mind-blowing sacrifice of our Lord, let us also remember that as a mother, we are called to sacrifice also - we sacrifice our personal wants, needs, and desires for God's children. What a privilege and honor to be a vessel used by God!

Happy Resurrection Day!

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