Shut Up!

For those mothers with talking toddlers that seem like they just won't stop talking, let them talk and enjoy it because when they become teenagers, you'll be praying they talk to you about matters of their heart.

I'm learning to not talk so much to Firstborn and just listen - I hear and learn more. Allowing him to initiate conversations is difficult for me, but when I wait, he opens up - in his time.

When I pick him up from school, it's so hard not to attack him with questions, but waiting shows me he'll eventually come around and tell me about his day - Thank God!

When I drop him off at school, he usually has his ear phones listening to his MP3. It use to irritate me greatly that he would tune me out, but I've learned he is preparing his mind for his day - his way.  My voice is probably the last voice he wants to hear.

Don't get me wrong, I still parent (sometimes over-parent), but I'm learning when to talk and to talk to my sons - not talk AT them all the time.

Just this morning, I had to wake him early to wash dishes he didn't wash last night and I wanted to lecture (at 6 am), but I silently told myself to SHUT UP! Why did I feel I needed to say anything at all? He knew he was wrong when we went to bed last night!

Yip, yap, yip, yap...teenagers don't want to hear nothing like that! SHUT UP!

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