The Tracks of My Teen

The teenage years haven’t been easy for me, but at least I’ve learned to go with the flow – until recently. This month, Firstborn asked me about tattoos, smoking cigarettes, and radical haircuts. It was only by God’s grace was I able to maintain my composure and not freak out. Jesus, help me!

I’m so grateful that he felt comfortable enough to talk to me, but has he lost his mind? Where is my teaching and character training? Jesus, are you there?

The Lord assured me he had not left me, but also let me know there is nothing I can do to alter the plans He has for Firstborn’s life. Firstborn will make some wrong choices. He will do some things against his training and yes, he will lose his mind for a while, but he’ll be back. Lord, you promise?

Being a stressed out, maniac mother of a teen for the next few years is not in my plans, so I reminded myself that Firstborn’s tracks were his rite of passage as a teenager. Gird up, Mama!

Firstborn’s desire to try me, rebel, and continually sleep does not agree with this mama, but it’s part of his transition. His sweet spirit is still present although often suffocated by …teenage stuff. His stuff is being used to get rid of some of my stuff that has been surfacing during this tough transition. Once again, the way God uses Motherhood to prune me amazes me. Nobody, but Jesus!

Tattoos, cigarettes, and radical haircuts….sigh….I pray they were just questions and not the actual tracks of my teen. Either way, I choose peace in his rite of passage and peace only comes through prayer.

I Thessalonians 5:17 (NKJV)
Pray without ceasing

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