Why Am I Here?

Hubby and I received an invitation to Firstborn's High School Honors Assembly.  For the life of me, I couldn't understand why we received this invitation because Firstborn doesn't take any honors or advanced classes and his report card definitely isn't one to be recognized - at least not at an honors program.

As I sat there waiting for the ceremony to start and looking over the program, I became more confused. I looked at the awards to be given and some of them were for All 'A' Honor Roll, Top Ten Students, Club Awards, and Departmental Awards.  Good grief...what in the heck is Firstborn here for?

Secondborn was with me, so I mentioned to him that there were two students in the school with Firstborn's first and last name, so maybe it was a mistake.

The ceremony begins, and dumb Mama hears Firstborn's name called for recognition in the department of Business Technology Education. Firstborn was recognized for his outstanding performance in his I.T. (Information Technology) class. Wow! 

I felt like Ziggy for thinking so low of my child. After the ceremony, I hugged him and apologized for focusing so much on his mediocre grades and not acknowledging his outstanding grades. Wow...what a lesson for me!

Yes, I'm a proud Mama and will talk to hubby about rewarding our son for his certificate of achievement and for taking a walk across the stage of the honors assembly in his first year of high school.

Great job, son!  We love you!

I also thank his I.T. teacher for pulling out the BEST in Firstborn and requiring nothing less.

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