Carry Your Own Stuff!

I never thought my life would be spent watching and smelling musty boys chase, hit, and throw balls, but it is. Thank God I’m a sports lover because we had another weekend long basketball tournament. We transported several boys, including our own, to and from the games and as they prepared to hit the court, each handed me all their belongings. I just happened to have a bag to throw all their stuff in such as t-shirts, combs, brushes, money, and cell phones. A little irritated that I had to carry all their stuff, I made a point at the end of the game to tell them to bring a bag, so they could carry their own stuff! As usual, my complaining spirit invited a Life Lesson for LaVender. Sigh…

I should have been happy to help the boys out because someone carries my stuff 24/7. Yes, He went there! My troubles, cares and concerns, health issues, financial issues, marital issues, teenage issues, issues with my Self, and all the basic issues of life are carried as I play this game called life. I don’t even have to ask for help; my Heavenly Father offers to carry all my stuff! This lesson was like getting a whipping!

Guess what happened the last day of the tournament? The boys had bags! Guess what else? They wanted me to hold their bags! One young man even said with a smile on his face, "Thank you, I won't have to worry about it." I was cracking up inside as I thanked God for my review lesson.

We came home with championship titles and my court side lesson was definitely the winning point!

Psalm 55:22 (NLT)
Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you.

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