Public School Is Not That Bad

Well, he (we) did it! Firstborn completed his first year of public high school after being homeschooled all his life.  I think the transition was more difficult for me. I won't bore you with his accomplishments because I think it's funny how we brag about the As and the awards, but rarely say anything about the struggles. I can't learn from your As, but I can learn from what you went through to get the As!

I thank everyone who sent emails, commented on my tearful blog posts, and Facebook page, because your encouragement carried me through the school year. THANK YOU for listening to my fears and reservations of sending Firstborn to school. THANK YOU for being there and telling me "It'll be alright" when I didn't see ALRIGHT in my face.

Firstborn is excited and ready for the next year and this Mama is ready to relax. It was exhausting and stressful, yet the greatest lesson I learned is that I can't be afraid to let my children fail. I've got to let them go and stop saving them from every scratch, fall, and disappointment in life.

Life happens and our children must learn to live THEIR life. 

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