Wash ALL the Dishes!

Summertime invites more dishes and I'll be darn if I'm going to wash dishes three or four times a day AND cook the meals. Noooo way!

Mothers, I'm sorry, but if you're washing ALL the dishes in the house, stop and think about it. Why are you washing all the dishes? Is it not enough that you prepare the meals? Remember that you're raising a future wife or husband. It's only considerate that someone would even offer to wash the dishes after we cook. Granted, if you have toddlers, they are too young, but toddlers don't remain toddlers and if you don't start them early, those same toddlers turn into teenagers that DO NOT WANT TO WASH DISHES.

I just told Secondborn to wash the dishes and he said, "Wash ALL the dishes?" Hmmm....I take part of the blame for his question because the rule in the house is everyone wash your own dirty dishes then the person responsible for cleaning the kitchen at the end of the day doesn't have a stack of dirty dishes to wash. If you use a pot, wash the pot. If you use a plate, wash the plate! Sounds good, huh?

Needless to say, I didn't answer Secondborn's question and walked out of the kitchen. I think he got the answer. When I saw him walking out of the kitchen I asked him if he was finished because I saw a few glasses and some silverware on the counter. "Son, what is that on the counter?" His reply, "You want me to wash ALL the dishes?"

Lord help me!

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