The Light From #6

"Everyone looks tired except #6."

 This is what a woman said to me over the weekend while watching a basketball game. Although it was the opposing team, I happened to know #6. I proudly mentioned this young man's strong spiritual connection with God. She nodded her head and said, "I should have known." She went on and on about #6 and his obvious enthusiasm, confidence, and how he showed no signs of growing weary throughout the game.

I immediately thought of how women are always tired, yet some of us show it more than others. Our hair, nails, clothes, attitude, and sometimes our home will show signs of our task-filled, overwhelming days.  Yes, #6 is a teenager full of youthful energy, but his spiritual connection was a light that a stranger noticed. Regardless of my daily spiritual, physical, or emotional circumstances, my light should be visible also. Thank you, #6, for a very unusual reminder to stay connected to the true source of strength, energy, and power that is always available to me.

Another week is upon me full of things to do and people to see, but remembering where my help comes from gives me a better attitude other than my here we go again attitude. Let's face it . As a woman, wife, and mother, our never ending responsibilities aren't going away, but our secure connection to the source will allow us to work in God's never tiring, supernatural power and not in our own limited power.

Have a joyful week in Motherhood and stay connected to The Source!

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