Fit For Society?

I chuckle when I think of what my younger sister said to me one month while I was dealing with a bout of pms/peri-menopause emotions mixed with my own Evilina attitude. "You aren't fit to deal with society. Even if you think you're okay, you're not."  Leave it to a family member to tell you about yourself. I respect my sister's opinion and I'm reminded of her statement each month.

You can't see me through my blog, and I'm sure I seem to be a level headed mother and wife who consistently strives to be Christ-controlled and is open to receiving and learning from life lessons and you know what? You're right, however, have you ever heard of The Other Side of Midnight? Well, someone needs to make a movie or write a book titled, The Other Side of Motherhood.

Oh, you don't deal with mood swings from time to time? You don't deal with irritability and the horror of hormones each month? I'm sorry, you must have the wrong blog then. This is a blog about the REALITY of motherhood and hormones are a part of our life. That's the mask I'm talking about in We Snap in Silence. We hide these ugly things about ourselves and allow only our 'I've got it together' faces to show in public. Well, I've only got one face - my own, and it's not always pretty, kind, and loving....especially when dealing with the horror of hormones.

We all deal with it on different levels and stages of our life, but face's alive and well in the body of every woman. If you don't think you deal with it, maybe you should ask somebody. You know, what we see in the mirror is not what everyone else sees. Hmmm...

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