Are You Watching?

The boys went skating last night and as badly as I wanted to drop them off, my motherly instinct said otherwise, so I reluctantly stayed.  The skating rink was full of pretty girls in tight pants. It was a fun night for them and I have no doubt they could have had more fun if their mother wasn't watching. Hubby and I raised the boys right, but that doesn’t excuse them from their own choices, temptation, or their puberty driven reactions to pretty girls in tight pants.

This morning when I sat at the computer, I noticed one of my sons downloaded Skype and didn’t close it out, so I was able to read the conversation. Although the content of the conversation was okay, the time of the call wasn’t. Outside the home isn’t the only place our children need to be watched. Texting, messages, friends, computer, television, music, and everything else in their life must be monitored! I can’t watch my sons 24/7 and I do sleep, but thank God for a mother’s intuition and the guidance of God to show me what I need to see. A mother's intuition is powerful, yet often ignored.

I now understand why one mother told me years ago, she thought it was more important to be at home with a teenager than a toddler. I don't put anything past my children and although sweet, they are boys and boys will be boys.

I will continue to watch and pray, watch and pray, and watch and pray. By the way, my son was talking to a girl on Skype; was it your daughter? Hope you're watching!

Luke 21:36 (NIV)

"Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen..."

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