Chasing Money

 My first week with both boys in school has passed. I’ve entertained many thoughts and found out a lot about myself – yes, in just a week. I’ve been able to hear myself think and also hear that soft voice of God that sounds like a whisper. Speak up, God. What did you say?

I’ve been offered a few jobs that are willing to pay me for my time. One was a job to teach children reading a few hours a week. All the job offers were appealing, but I turned each one down. I realized it was the money that was appealing…not the job. I was following the money and not that whispering voice. For the last ten years, I’ve poured myself into homeschooling my children. I promised God I would pour myself into Him and ‘step back’ and wait for His move. It wasn’t easy turning those jobs down because who can’t use extra money?

I told hubby I was proud of myself for turning the jobs down. This is a time for me to be still and wait for my next assignment…from God. I’m notorious, as most women are, for jumping from one project to another and creating things to do. No wonder we’re always tired! There is a difference in being busy and being productive…for Him. I refuse to fill my calendar up with side jobs and special projects. In the end, will any of this matter? When I follow God’s leading with my gifts, He blesses my family beyond my imagination. I don’t have to chase money, I just have to follow Him. I want my time to be orchestrated by God. After all, it's His time anyway! 

Only what you do for Christ will last

I've heard this phrase so many times, but couldn't find it in the Bible. Not sure if it's scripture, but if you know, let me know!