Thursday's Thought -TMI

How much information is too much information in regard to introducing children to sickness and death? How young is too young to introduce a child to funerals, hospitals, and death?

My sons were introduced to death by the passing of their half brother. They attended the funeral, viewed his body and went to the cemetery. Yes, it was a lot to digest, but in my opinion, death is a part of life.

Another mother had ill parents and spent much of her time in the hospital caring for them. Her young children were right there helping her. She thought it was important for her children to participate in the care of their ill grandparents.

On the other hand, some parents choose not to expose their children to death and sickness until they are at an appropriate age to understand and handle pain and grief. After all, if it's hard for adults, it's got to be more difficult for children.

What are your thoughts?

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