Get Out Of My Way!

I was out of town Saturday, but awoke early with an urge to exercise. I found a walking trail and started my walk.  While enjoying the scenery and early morning breeze, I noticed huge dirt mounds and parked tractors ahead of me – the trail was under construction. I slowed down contemplating whether to turn around or press forward. There were no construction men around to stop me, so I kept going. Yep, I went right through those dirt mounds and tractor trailers and continued my walk. I get so tired of excuses for not doing what I’m led to do.
It’s one thing to have a simple notion cross my mind, but when a strong urge from deep within is strongly leading me to move, I need to move.  I joyfully completed my walk while praying to press forward in my life and be all God wants me to be. I need to stay in a place of peace to hear His soft voice and not allow the voices of friends, family, or self to get in my way. Keeping my eyes on God and not the obstacles around me  keeps my focus on His calling.  Even the daily calls to act and make decisions regarding the boys, friends, finances, health, a new endeavor, or loving hubby when I don’t feel like it are important.

When we answer His calls without hesitation or doubt, our lives are more productive and fulfilling. How about you? Have you felt an urge to act on something that just won't leave your mind?

Philippians 3:14 (NKJV)
I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.