My Birthday Glass

Every weekday morning, shortly after 5 a.m., my telephone rings and a voice on the other ends says, “Happy Birthday!” The voice is my prayer partner and we recognize each new day as a day of new beginnings, new birth, and a reason to celebrate. She recently gave me a birthday gift, which was a beautiful goblet decorated with colorful birthday wishes, balloons, and candles. I cherish my glass and decided to use it each morning as I thanked God for a new day, new opportunities, new possibilities, new mercies, and a new beginning.

Well, the first day I used my glass, it was accidentally broken. As I picked up the broken pieces, my Life Lesson for LaVender was pieced together. Just as my cherished glass was broken, I too, must be broken. To be created and sit pretty is not God’s will for me, but to go through the fire of life with some struggles, tears, and brokenness is. How beneficial am I without a story – without a testimony?

Only the foundation of my beautiful, celebration glass broke, so it can still be used – just as my life is more effective after being broken. I used my glass this morning and realized I value it even more. Not only does it have a powerful story, but it reminds me that I wasn’t promised a rose garden. Joy comes with pain and rainbows come only after some rain. Although everyday may not go as I desire, each new day should be cherished and celebrated! My prayer partner had no idea her birthday glass would have such significance! I thank God for her and my broken glass. Happy Birthday!

Psalm 51:17 (NLT)
The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit.