The Black June Cleaver

 If you know anything about me, you know I HATE the labels mothers use to identify themselves. Working mom, stay at home mom, part-time mom, work at home mom...what a bunch of baloney! We're all mothers and we all work. Isn't this enough?

Anyway, to live in this society, you can bet if you're a mother, you'll have a label slapped on your forehead. I guess I'm a stay at home mom since I'm at home, right? It doesn't matter that I'm an aspiring author. Both boys are gone to school and I'm left at the house to....stay at home?

Everyone is asking what I intend to do with all my time. Hmmm..what will I do with my time? Well, what did June Cleaver do with her time? You remember her, don't you? The mother on the Leave it to Beaver television show? Some of you may be too young to remember. Well, this woman sent her husband and two sons out the door with a full stomach and lunch bags and greeted them at the door with a smile when they returned. I'm not sure what she did in between those times because the show was built around her taking care of the family. I must have missed the episode where she volunteered at school and in the community. Oh, don't forget her church ministry. I'm sure she was quite busy there also.

Well, whatever June Cleaver did, I'm doing it and I'm loving every minute of it. I'm embracing my new season of life and proudly wearing the title of The Black June Cleaver.