Thursday's Thought - Sleeping Teens

  Firstborn could sleep all day....if I allowed him to. When he first started hibernating, I almost made a doctor's appointment for him because I thought he was sick! Instead, I did some research and was thankful to find out that Firstborn's sleeping habits were normal - for teenagers.

During the summer, I let him sleep, and sleep, and sleep, but I couldn't deal with knowing someone was sleeping in the house past 10 a.m. - wrong mama!  I woke him up to do a few chores, read, cut grass, and participate in life. Of course, when he finished his list of tasks, he dived right back into bed until football practice. On the way home from practice, he'd say how he couldn't wait to go to sleep. Good grief, boy!

With the new school year quickly approaching, I'm directing his sleep cycle back to that of a normal human being. Sorry son, no sleeping past 8 a.m., and bedtime will draw closer to 10:30 p.m. Is he happy about it? Of course not, but he'll thank me later - maybe.  Not only is proper sleep important to succeed in school studies, but it's crucial to prevent those mood swings the rest of the family has to deal with.

What about you? Do you allow your teenager to sleep all day? Is there a bedtime for your teen? How do you deal with your sleeping teen?

For more information on teen sleep habits, visit the below link.
Sleeping Teens