Do You Have Time?

A mother mentioned she needed to scrape a few things off her plate to make herself more available to her daughter. With a new school year quickly approaching, getting home late in the evenings doesn't always mix with homework and extracurricular activities. Another mother recently watched her last baby go off to college. College? Already? I also attended a college graduation party over the weekend and it was hard to believe how much this young lady had matured; I was having a conversation with a little girl all grown up!

Time does fly by and it's the quality time we spend with our children that will matter in the end. Making ourselves available is crucial and although everyone wants our time, our children need our time. We must take advantage of the passing moments as they fly by. There won't be a second chance - this is it.

My toddler is now a teen and it seemed to happen over night. Sigh...

I thank God for the mothers who've allowed me to participate in their child's life. Watching these mothers prepare their babies for life and say goodbye to them has truly been a difficult life lesson for me, yet extremely beneficial. Watching their children mature before my eyes has stressed the limited time I have with my own.

Our children must eventually leave our laps, but knowing that precious lap time was spent wisely offers a mother comfort - comfort in knowing we did our part and grasped every available moment to make ourselves more available to them.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV)
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven...