Children Battle Too!

 Adults aren't the only ones battling in life. Children also battle life in their own age specific way. While toddlers are busy having their personal temper tantrums, tweens and teens are battling peer pressure, mood swings, keeping their mouth shut, teachers, grades, and friends. They even battle against their own bodies and minds as they transition into young adults. Some battle each morning with having to go to school!

I try to remember this when I send the boys off to school and when I welcome them home. The one place they should feel safe and secure from the battles of life is at home. Home is where children should be strengthened with love and words of encouragement. If home isn't a safe haven for our children, they are sure to find one!

Fussing, cussing, nagging, and talking at our children instead of talking to them can be rough on a young mind. I know, I know, how many times do you have to tell them to take out the trash, wash the dishes, or clean their room before you raise your voice? I know; I'm there!

I realized raising my voice wasn't producing the results I wanted, so it was time to try something new...a lower tone with an increase in patience - teens have their own time line. They'll get the job done as long as you don't expect it to be done immediately. The last thing I want is for my sons to hate hearing me call their name. Hmmm... it might be a little too late!

Do this, do that, didn't I tell you to do this, why didn't you do that? Wouldn't it be horrible to know our children hear us as Charlie Brown's teacher? Oh my!

Anyway, remember the unspoken battles your children are having. They'll be grown and gone soon, so make their home memories joyful ones.