Touch Me!

 Sunday morning, I awoke tired, irritable, and I didn’t feel like being bothered. I was aware of my raging hormones, so I quickly connected to my power source before I interacted with anyone. I went to my quiet place and practically begged God for strength, energy, power, and a new attitude. I felt foul, but awakened the boys up with my happy voice, “Rise and shine, Give God the glory!” I wasn’t feeling happy or God’s glory, yet trying to get out of my funk. Hubby walked by me and hit me on my behind several times. I felt like punching him, but didn’t. I simply ignored him as I continued to pray for God’s covering. The only touch I desired was a touch from above. Eventually, Miss Flesh and her foulness disappeared. It took a while; but it happened. God’s power can break through the strongest of ungodly emotions, moods, and attitudes. A woman deals with so many seasons of change in her body, but as long as we are under God’s control, we can maintain a peace within us that surpasses all understanding. Our moods and emotions may change like the wind, but holding on to God’s unchanging hand is our hope. As I allowed Him to saturate me with His Spirit and as I continually recalled His promises, His sweet, loving spirit covered my foul spirit. Monday is a new day with new needs for God’s covering. As I cover my physical, I allow Him to cover my spiritual. I need God’s touch in order to touch others with His love – inside and outside the home.  The song, He Touched Me, is playing in my head as I type.  Touch me, Lord!