Anti Poptart Mom Falls

 This morning, not one sausage was browned, not one pancake was flipped, not one slice of bread was toasted, not one biscuit was buttered, nor was a pot of grits cooked. I can't believe it, but this is the first morning since school started that I did not cook someone breakfast. Wow. It actually felt good and to top it off, I asked Firstborn if he could buy some milk or a pop tart at school. I'm ANTI-POP TART, so he probably wondered if I was sick.

It's actually a reason for this out of character morning...Firstborn got in extremely late from an out of town football game, which meant I had to wake up out of a deep sleep to pick him up when the team arrived back in town. Of course he was hungry and had to recap the game. He also got hurt during the game, so I donned the late shift, nurse maid hat - I was so sleepy.  When he finally got comfortable and went to bed, it was well after midnight.  Where is hubby during all this? Conveniently out of town.

Needless to say, wake up call came waaay to early and I wasn't feeling the kitchen kudos at all. The only kudo I received was one I gave myself.....If I don't take care of myself, no one else will.

You know what else I noticed this morning? Firstborn or Secondborn didn't attempt to cook for themselves and they know how to heat a skillet as well as I do.  Hmmm....that's another blog post.