While traveling on the highway yesterday, the above picture was my view. Beautiful trees and blue skies provided a very pleasant drive.  I couldn’t help but thank God for being God as I observed His amazing creation. As I continued driving, my wandering thoughts took me to several places in my life. The beautiful scenery was still present, yet I wasn’t noticing it. My mind was not on God’s amazing creation, but on my life – money, marriage, children, ideas, fast approaching holidays, things to do, etc…yuck.  Off and on, I would revisit the beautiful scenery, but only when my thoughts went back to God. Life is the same way. God’s beauty and goodness is always around me, yet my thoughts dictate my recognition of them. God doesn’t change, the beautiful scenery around me doesn’t change, but my thoughts do. I allowed the issues in my life to distract me from God. This life lesson while driving blew me away. I began praising God and thanking Him for reminding me to keep my mind on Him because when I do, my mindset is different, my wandering thoughts are in check, and my peace is perfect. Thank you, Jesus! It doesn’t matter what my money matters are, what mess is in my marriage, or what’s ahead on the winding highway (my day).  As long as I keep my mind on Him, everything is already alright. What can I do about anything anyway? Not a doggone thing! Today I will not marinate on mental mess, but meditate on God’s goodness.

Exhaling... Happy Monday ladies! Enjoy the scenery!