To Bathe or Not to Bathe?

An older woman and I were recently talking and she mentioned her granddaughter's cycle had arrived. Hooray! Yeah, right!  She was actually very excited about it, but I guess at 60 or 70 years old, you can be excited about Aunt Flo since you haven't seen her in years.

We continued talking about the challenges young girls face with their cycles and how they must deal with Aunt Flo for many years of their adult life. This older, wise woman also told me we shouldn't bathe during that time of the month. Hmmm...I've heard of older women saying they didn't wash their hair or go outside after bathing during that time of the month, but I've never heard of not bathing at all.  She really didn't have an explanation for it besides, "That's just what we use to do."

Some women flow extremely heavy and choose not to bathe; it's a choice.

I don't have girls (thank God), but for everyone with daughters, what do you think?

To bathe or not to bathe?  Leave your comment and possibly help the mothers out with young girls who will meet Aunt Flo soon!