Attitude In The City

 Ooooweeee! This morning was attitude city in our home. After a peaceful time of quiet meditation and prayer and an early morning walk, I came home to.....uh.....well, let me just tell the story.

It really wasn't a big deal, but I was on such a joyful high until Secondborn woke up and tried to pour mud on my joy. Secondborn wakes up asking if he had time to wash a pair of shorts. Excuse me? Hubby was still home, so instead of using my breath, I told him to ask his father because I knew what the answer would be.  Not only did Secondborn get the big NO, he got a lecture. heehee

Secondborn then came in the kitchen and sat. Yes, he wakes in the morning and will SIT until I tell him to get up. I knew he was sitting to get on my nerves (upset about the shorts), so I let him sit, and sit, and sit. He could have sat until school started - I was determined to keep my joy! I immediately turned on some spiritual music to drown out his hum drums and sighs.....Lord, help me! 

He finally got up and I told him to come and eat, but he states he isn't hungry. This was another intentional joy killer because I HATE it when he doesn't eat breakfast and he knows how I feel about starting the day with breakfast. Instead of reacting and stirring up a parent/child debate, this smart mama recognized the joy killer and I let his stomach and brain reap the consequences of malnutrition. I told him not to call me when he got a headache or stomach ache. Grrrrrr

Time to walk out the door. Son, did you brush your teeth? He sighs and walks toward the bathroom as if I told him to go in the bathroom and pull his own teeth out without anesthesia. Good grief, boy! Why go to school and kill everyone with your halitosis?Sigh....

His teeth were brushed, he had on jeans instead of shorts, his stomach was empty, and he was ready for school. We prayed together as we always do, but after the prayer he asked to walk to the bus stop. I usually take him, but I let him walk and I drove up later to wait for the bus. I could tell he was still in a funky mood, so maybe he needed some time to clear his head before school. Everyone deserves time alone. 

I gave him time to get to the bus stop and guess what I see? Secondborn was running, playing, and LAUGHING while playing tag with the other boys. What the .......?   He obviously found his own joy since he couldn't steal and kill mine!

Hmmm...Secondborn will be an official teenager in less than six months, are these signs for preparation? Well, little does he know this Mama has already been through teenage initiation with Firstborn and I REFUSE to travel that road again. I WILL keep my joy!