Rescue Me!

If you follow the Momsweb Blog, you’ve read about Secondborn being bullied in middle school. It is a mother’s natural instinct to run to the rescue when a child is in trouble, but as our children grow older, rescuing isn’t always the answer.

Yesterday, I visited Mary, the mother of Jesus. After years of watching her son wrongfully accused and abused, she had to watch him bleed to death on the cross. Although, this visit was in my mind, it was real in my heart. I’m sure Mary wanted to rescue her son. Instead, she was forced to watch. There was a bigger plan that couldn’t be interrupted. The same goes for Secondborn - and every other child. Mothers want to protect our babies from the hard knocks of life, yet some of the knocks must be felt. I am in no way, comparing a child’s challenges to being crucified, but I am comparing how pain and suffering can produce power. There is always a bigger plan.

The ironic part of all this is that I call Secondborn the Jesus in our home because of his compassion, giving spirit, and servant attitude. Just as Jesus suffered, he must suffer also – we all must have our dose of suffering, yet would prefer being rescued. I initially wanted to visit Secondborn’s school, be the crazy mother I am, and beat bully’s butt. God suffocated my motherly instinct to run to the rescue. As it turns out, Secondborn will be able to help other children being bullied and be a voice for the many who have committed suicide because of bullying.  There is a bigger plan that can’t be interrupted. 

Is your child enrolled in the school of hard knocks? Are you using your motherly intuition to discern when to answer the knock and when not to?

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Romans 8:18 (NLT)
Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.