Dip Me!

 I had one of my church family members laughing when I told her why I wore a red dress to worship service yesterday. Remember the scene from the movie, Carrie, when she stood on stage and a bucket of blood was poured on her? Sunday, I felt like I needed to be covered from head to toe – submerged - dipped in the blood of Jesus.

This weekend, I was surrounded by more than a few things to remind me of the troubled world we live in. Not only did I view more than a few disturbing things, but I thought a few disturbing thoughts as well. I saw girls dressed like they were looking for a corner, I heard young boys talking about finding Mary Jane (not a girl), and I heard whispers of deceitfulness, jealousy, gossip, and lies. 

Friday and Saturday was all I could take, by Sunday I felt a need to be washed – dipped in the blood. Although the red dress was just my personal symbol of being covered, it sure helped my mindset. Although I have to live in this world, I sure don’t have to be of the world! Sunday night before going to bed, I turned the television on and surprisingly, I caught the Jesus movie right at the scene of the crucifixion. Coincidence? Not at all, but another reminder to focus on the powerful blood of Jesus. Because He shed His blood, I have life, health, deliverance from evil, and salvation!  I don’t have my red dress on today, but whatever I see, hear, or endure; it’s already alright because I’m covered by the blood!