Kitchen Transformation

    While at my parent’s home this weekend, I realized the kitchen I grew up in had gone through some major changes. The cabinet color changed. The walls and even the flooring changed. The memories are still there, but the character of the kitchen has gone through a major transformation over the years. I thought of my days in the kitchen as a little girl and how I have also gone through a major transformation. The little girl became a woman.  Even as a grown woman, there is transformation taking place. My seasons of womanhood invite challenging experiences and life lessons with purpose of molding me into a stronger and wiser wife and mother – a better woman.    

Another new year is quickly approaching and as I look back over the years, transformation should be evident in every facet of my life. If the same things that bothered me two years ago are still bothering me, something must change. If the same people who irritated me last year are still irritating me, something must change. If I’m still struggling with the same weight and health issues I struggled with five years ago, something must change. Transformation should not only be visible in my physical life, but my emotional, mental, and spiritual life also. Change is good and necessary as we grow older. Just as the changes in my parent’s kitchen showed improvement, changes in my life should show visible improvement also. It’s time for transformation!